Sir Walter Scott's - Festival Snuff 2019 (15g Tin)

Guide to Snuff tobacco

By the 18th century snuff tobacco use was widespread through all sections of society. Rich and poor, male and female, snuff was an everyday part of British culture. Many prominent figures were snuff fanatics such as George IV, Charles Darwin and Napoleon along with modern celebrities such as science fiction author Philip K. Dick, actor…

Alan with grandkids

Alan David Myerthall

Owner of The Pipe Shop & Little Havana in Edinburgh, Scotland Since 1971 Alan has sold and smoked tobacco products, first from his shop on Montrose Terrace in the Abbeyhill area of Edinburgh and then from his Father-in-law’s (Jimmy Boyle) shop on Leith walk after purchasing it with his wife Liz. Since the early 1960’s…


Cigar Smoker’s Glossary

Cigar Smoking has some unusual terminology often originating in Cuba. Browse the Cigar Smoker’s Glossary to explore terms used throughout our website and in the cigar world. Bookmark and return to this page to become an expert and help us preserve this cigar knowledge. Terminology: 8-9-8 A method of cigar packaging by which the cigars…

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Pipe Smoker’s Glossary

Pipe Smoking is an old tradition with it’s own terminology and phrases. To help you decipher any unknown terms used throughout our website we’ve prepared this comprehensive glossary. Bookmark and return to this page to become an expert and help us preserve the unique tradition of pipe smoking. Terminology: Ageing The process of ageing tobacco…