Snuff, A Brief History:

The first documented accounts of Europeans taking snuff are in the 17th century, starting in Spain after the colonists discovered and subsequently imported the habit to there homeland. France would follow shortly after and it would travel across the channel to Scotland and later, the rest of the United Kingdom…

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Through a close bond between the French and Scottish courts known as the ‘auld alliance’, the Scots had a slight head start in consuming snuff compared to their counterparts south of the border.

Many prominent leaders had adverse opinions on this new trend, Louis XIII had snuff banned, the only exception being if prescribed by a physician. Pope Urban XIII banned its use from inside the church and ordered anyone found to break this rule to be excommunicated. A more grisly punishment was ordered on behest of Tsar Michael 1st who had decided the suitable punishment for snuff takers was to have there nose simply lopped off.

In 1702 a famous naval battle would go on to propel snuff use into the mainstream culture of Britain. Just off the shore of the Spanish port of Viro an attack was led by Admiral Sir George Rooke with a fleet of British and Dutch vessels. They had pursued a Spanish fleet of galleons that were under the protection of French ships. After managing to commandeer one ship, the Torbay, a vast quantity of snuff was recovered and taken back to London to be sold. Once hitting the streets of the U.K vendors would name the snuff “SP”, an abbreviation for Spanish a name that is still used today for one of the most popular forms of snuff.

By the 18th century snuff use was widespread through all sections of society. Rich and poor, male and female, snuff was an everyday part of British culture. Many prominent figures were snuff fanatics such as George IV, Charles Darwin and Napoleon along with modern celebrities such as science fiction author Philip K. Dick, actor Sean Bean and comedian Stephen Fry.

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Fribourg & Treyer: Bordeaux Snuff (20g Tin)Out of stock

Fribourg & Treyer: Bordeaux Snuff (20g Tin)

£3.60 inc. VAT

A popular mixture of medium strength and mill: a blend of moist and dry snuffs retaining the virtues of both. Piquant and refreshing this tends to be a favourite with the heavy snuff user.

Fribourg & Treyer: High Dry T Snuff (20g Tin)Out of stock

Fribourg & Treyer: High Dry T Snuff (20g Tin)

£3.60 inc. VAT

Fribourg & Treyer, High Dry is a superfine toast snuff with minimal moisture content, resulting in an almost powdery texture, with a unique nutty flavour and deceptive strength. This Irish originating snuff is the lightest coloured of all.

Fribourg & Treyer: Macouba Snuff (20g Tin)Out of stock

Fribourg & Treyer: Macouba Snuff (20g Tin)

£3.60 inc. VAT

A medium mill of tobacco which is low in nicotine, flavours of Rose, Sandal Wood and a secret essence. This snuff gets a mention in the William Makepeace Thackeray books.


Fribourg & Treyer: Morlaix Snuff (20g Tin)Out of stock

Fribourg & Treyer: Morlaix Snuff (20g Tin)

£3.60 inc. VAT

A modern fine ground brown snuff with a delightfully refreshing aroma. A happy blend between the dark and light snuffs which appeals to the snuff user who likes to try something different.

Fribourg & Treyer: Old Paris Snuff (20g Tin)Out of stock

Fribourg & Treyer: Old Paris Snuff (20g Tin)

£3.60 inc. VAT

Fribourg & Treyer, Old Paris is a longtime favourite snuff of Beau Brummel that boasts a unique and peculiar wine-like quality of maturity during storage. It is a rich and full-bodied snuff, dark in colour and course in texture.

Fribourg & Treyer: Santo Domingo Snuff (20g Tin)Out of stock

Fribourg & Treyer: Santo Domingo Snuff (20g Tin)

£3.60 inc. VAT

Fribourg & Treyer, Santo Domingo is a special, medium coarse snuff that is dark in colour and subtly blends dark fired tobacco with the delicate yet unmistakable scents of Cedar and Violet. Connoisseurs of dark snuffs need look no further.


Fribourg & Treyer: Seville Snuff (20g Tin)Out of stock

Fribourg & Treyer: Seville Snuff (20g Tin)

£3.60 inc. VAT

The delicate orange character of its perfume brings to mind the sunlit groves and quaint architecture of that ancient Moorish city. This will especially please those takers who favour an occasional pinch of a dry, piquant snuff.

Hedges L260 SnuffOut of stock

Hedges: L260 Snuff (20g Tin)

£3.60 inc. VAT

Also known as ‘The Snuff’, Hedges is considered by many snuff takers to be a ‘every day’ snuff and is suitable for both beginners and experts alike.

J&H Wilson SP No1 SnuffOut of stock

J&H Wilson: SP No1 Snuff (Box Of 12 5g Tins)

£21.60 inc. VAT

SP No. 1 Snuff retains a huge following among snuff users, due to it still being obtainable in some traditional tobacconists and high st newsagents.

This is a purchase of a box of 12 tins

J&H Wilson SP. No.1 Snuff (20g Tin)Out of stock

J&H Wilson: SP. No.1 Snuff (20g Tin)

£3.80 inc. VAT

SP. No.1 is a finely ground, slightly moist snuff. This is a British classic and possibly the most popular ‘everyday’ snuff in the country. A hint of sweet and subtle Bergamot makes this snuff pleasant and rewarding. A great choice for those new to snuff as well as those well versed in snuffing.