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Apri' Original Snuff by Poschl

Gawith’s Original Apri’ Snuff by Poschl

£1.95 inc. VAT

Described as very fruity and mild with a hint of apricot, this snuff has a lovely aroma that stays in the nose.

Hedges L260 Snuff

Hedges L260 Snuff

£3.60 inc. VAT

Also known as ‘The Snuff’, Hedges is considered by many snuff takers to be a ‘every day’ snuff and is suitable for both beginners and experts alike.

JH Wilson Medicated No 99 Snuff

J&H Wilson Medicated No 99 Snuff

£3.60 inc. VAT

Considered by some to be a everyday snuff, Medicated No. 99 is a fine medium moist menthol snuff.

Kendal "B" Brown Snuff

Kendal “B” Brown Snuff

£3.25 inc. VAT

Kendal ‘B’, (as it is sometimes referred to) is a coarse ground moist snuff. Apart from an obvious tobacco base, it has a nice citrusy undertone.

Mc Chrystals – Extra Large – 20g

£3.75 inc. VAT

Strong Mentholated Snuff. Similar to Hedges L260

Pöschl's Ozona Orange Snuff

Poschl Ozona O-Type Snuff 5g

£1.60 inc. VAT

Delicious snuff, very easy to take. Has a sweet orange scent similar to the orange flavored tang mixed with sunny delight.

Poschl Ozona R Type Snuff

Poschl Ozona R-Type Snuff 5g

£1.60 inc. VAT

The delicious bouquet of mellow cherries gives this refreshing menthol snuff it?s fruity character.

Pöschl's Ozona Spearmint Snuff

Poschl Ozona S-Type Snuff 5g

£1.60 inc. VAT

A fine touch of spearmint and menthol gives this blend its distinctive character.

Pöschl's Löwen-Prise Snuff

Pöschl’s Löwen-Prise Snuff

£1.95 inc. VAT

A fresh, aniseed, aromatic snuff.

Pöschl’s Gletscher Prise Snuff

Pöschl’s Gletscher Prise Snuff

£1.95 inc. VAT

It’s a light, mint-flavoured snuff with Colombian menthol oil added, which gives the snuff a strong menthol aroma.

Radford Snuff

Radford Snuff

£2.95 inc. VAT

Radford Snuff is an old English snuff originally blended by J. Brumfit & Radford Tobacco Ltd of Harrow, London.

Red Bull Snuff

RedBull Snuff

£1.60 inc. VAT

Red Bull Strong? is what?s very atypical and unique for a p?schl a fine grinded and dry eucalyptus scented snuff.


Sir Walter Scott’s Aged Border Rapee Snuff

£5.00 inc. VAT

Prime Kentucky Fire Cure sauced with a concentrate made from boiling leaves in water salted with Maldon Sea Salt, fermented for six months and matured for a further six to create a sweet, black, moist, peppery, demi gros, old fashioned high nicotine snuff.

Sir Walter Scott's Anson's Imperial Snuff

Sir Walter Scott’s Anson’s Imperial Snuff

£8.00 inc. VAT

A finely milled, slightly moist blend of fermented Burley, Bright Leaf Virginia and Zimbabwe tobaccos, matured with Crème de Cacao Blanc and cased with an extract of crushed apricot kernels to create a luxurious, silky, high nicotine snuff.

Sir Walter Scott's Auld Alliance Snuff

Sir Walter Scott’s Auld Alliance Snuff

£8.00 inc. VAT

Auld Alliance is a coarsely ground moist snuff made from a blend of Punjabi Rustica, American Burley and Bright Leaf Virginia leaf tobaccos.

Sir Walter Scott's Field of Junipers Snuff

Sir Walter Scott’s Field of Junipers Snuff

£8.00 inc. VAT

Field of Junipers is a medium fine, lightly toasted blend of American Virginias and Punjabo Rustica, flavoured with a variety of different berries, of which Juniper provides the top notes.