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Adjustable Steel Pipe Lid

Adjustable Steel Pipe Lid

£2.99 inc. VAT

Easy to use steel pipe lid, pinch the sides and place on top of your bowl. The holes in the lid allow you to draw your flame through making this the perfect accessory for those who smoke their pipe outdoors.

Dr.Pearl - Junior Systemfilter [With Activated Carbon] (Pack Of 40)

Dr.Perl – Junior Systemfilter [With Activated Carbon] 9mm Pipe Filters (Pack Of 40)

£5.85 inc. VAT

9mm Filter with highly efficient activated carbon. Pleasantly mild, cool and dry smoking enjoyment through excellent moisture absorption and an extremely efficient reduction of harmful substances, while maintaining a low drawing resistance.

  • Tip: To achieve the best possible result replace the filter every time you fill the pipe.
  • The blue cap must point towards the mouthpiece while the filter is being inserted.

Falcon – Dry Rings (Pack Of 25)

£3.00 inc. VAT

25x Falcon Dry Rings.

Falcon dry rings are designed to go underneath the Falcon bowl. Once in the pipe it helps collect tar and mess making certain wet smokers lifes a lot easier.