Flake is a popular traditional format of pipe tobacco. Cut from large pressed cubes of tobacco, flakes retain a much deeper flavour than most shag cuts. To prepare flake for use, most people rub it down to a more favourable consistency. Others choose to smoke it as is, just rolled and placed in the chamber.


Plug is a form of pipe tobacco utilising full tobacco leaves that are pressed and then aged. The result is a highly condensed brick of tobacco that requires slicing before its smoked.

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Gawith Hoggarth Dark PlugOut of stock

Gawith Hoggarth: Dark Plug | Loose Pipe Tobacco (50g Portion)

£21.00 inc. VAT

Virginia and Burley tobacco pressed into a hard cake and sliced. The air-cured tobaccos within give a taste reminiscent of cigars with a natural sweetness. No flavouring has been added. 50g.

Strength: 4

Flavouring: 0

Taste: 4

Room Note: 3