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CHAINSAW Cold Dry White

CHAINSAW: Cold Dry White | Chew Bags [18g]

Chainsaw Cold White Dry CB is a roaring experience of strength. Its has a highpowered tobacco and mouth-exploding mint flavor.

Type: White Dry Chewing Bags

Portions: 15

Weight: 18g

Nicotine: 45mg/g

£8.85 inc. VAT

General Cut: Classic White | Chew Bags [18g]

General Cut’s Classic White chew bags offer strong nicotine delivery in a regular size bag. Non-mentholated, this product offers the user a pleasant taste of bergamot, liquorice and the traditional spice of tobacco.

Type: White Chewing Bags

Portions: 24

Weight: 18g

Nicotine: 20mg/g

£9.25 inc. VAT

Oden’s: Cold Portion | Chew Bags [18g]

A unique chewing tobacco blend with the flavour of clear and cooling real mint oils. Medium/Strong in nicotine content. These moistened bags have a rapid release of flavour and nicotine. Regular size.

Net weight: 18 g
Salt: 2.5 %
Nicotine level: 9 mg/g
Moisture: 50 %
£8.50 inc. VAT

Thunder: Original | Chew Bags [17.6g]

Thunder Original Chew Bags has a traditional tobacco flavour with hints of Bergamot. This is a strong chew bag ideal for anyone looking to stray away from the menthol dominated market.

Type: Chewing Bags

Portions: 22

Weight: 17.6g

Nicotine: 16mg/g

£8.85 inc. VAT
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Göteborgs Rapé: White Large Chew Bags [14g]

Göteborgs Rapé White Large has a mellow and spicy tobacco taste with distinct taste of lavender and juniper, along with hints of wood and citrus.

Type: Large white Chew Bags

Portions: 20

Weight: 14g

£8.85 inc. VAT
Out Of Stock

Oden’s: Cold Extreme White Tight Portion | Chew Bags

Powerful chewing tobacco blend with crisp and sweet real mint oils. An extremely strong, fresh nicotine experience is provided with these chewing portion bags. Regular size portions for that perfect fit behind your lip.

Tobacco weight: 10 g
Salt: 2.5 %
Nicotine level: 18 mg/g
Moisture: 2.5 %
£8.61 inc. VAT