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Apri' Original Snuff by Poschl

Gawith’s Original Apri’ Snuff by Poschl

£1.95 inc. VAT

Described as very fruity and mild with a hint of apricot, this snuff has a lovely aroma that stays in the nose.

Pöschl's Löwen-Prise Snuff

Pöschl’s Löwen-Prise Snuff

£1.95 inc. VAT

A fresh, aniseed, aromatic snuff.

Pöschl's Ozona Orange Snuff

Pöschl’s Ozona Orange Snuff

£1.60 inc. VAT

Delicious snuff, very easy to take. Has a sweet orange scent similar to the orange flavored tang mixed with sunny delight.


Pöschl’s Ozona Cherry Snuff

£1.60 inc. VAT

The delicious bouquet of mellow cherries gives this refreshing menthol snuff it?s fruity character.