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Mc Chrystals - Assorted Flavours Snuff 250g

McChrystals – Assorted Flavours Snuff 250g (16 Tap Tins Weighing 8.75g)

£24.60 inc. VAT

16x 8.75g Assorted Flavours of Mc Chrystals Snuff.

Possible flavours:

  • Aztec (Chocolate)
  • Glacier (Peppermint)
  • Sunset (Apricot & Maripan)
  • Summer Harvest (Raspberry & Summer Fruits)
  • Sicilian Burst (Sweet Lemon)
  • Warm Glow (Cinnamon & Menthol)
  • Fine Keg (Bittersweet Citrus & Pine)
  • Vintage Velvet (Floral)
  • Mulled Magic (Mulled Spices)
  • Highland Ice (Cool Mint)
  • Mc Chrystals Original
Wilsons Of Sharrow - Dr. Rumney's GREEN Snuff (7g Tap Tin)

Wilsons Of Sharrow – Dr. Rumney’s GREEN Snuff (7g Tap Tin)

£1.50 inc. VAT

Manufactured by Wilson’s, Dr. Rumney’s GREEN Snuff is a fine ground snuff with an original recipie dating back decades. A unique concoction of menthol, eucalyptus, camphor, bergamot, lavender, rose and aniseed that is surprisingly well balanced and easy going. This snuff is venerated by long time snuff users and embraced warmly by new ones.