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McChrystal's JIP Snuff 5g

McChrystals – JIP Snuff [4.4g Tap Tin]

£1.58 inc. VAT

Slightly moist and quite a fine grind.A good early morning snuff. It gives a quick invigorating menthol hit , slightly citrus on the finish , fading swiftly leaving a clear nose. Fabulous medicated snuff.

Wilsons Of Sharrow - Dr. Rumney's GREEN Snuff (7g Tap Tin)

Wilsons Of Sharrow – Dr. Rumney’s GREEN Snuff (7g Tap Tin)

£1.50 inc. VAT

Manufactured by Wilson’s, Dr. Rumney’s GREEN Snuff is a fine ground snuff with an original recipie dating back decades. A unique concoction of menthol, eucalyptus, camphor, bergamot, lavender, rose and aniseed that is surprisingly well balanced and easy going. This snuff is venerated by long time snuff users and embraced warmly by new ones.

Wilsons of Sharrow – Sp100 Snuff [20g Tap Tin]

£3.60 inc. VAT

Sharrow Snuff, S.P.100 offers a similar experience to the best-selling Best S.P. snuff, but with some subtle yet distinct variations. A finely ground texture and moderate dryness helps bring out the flavour of the high-quality tobacco leaf. Sharrow Snuff S.P.100 has been compared favourably to S.P. No.1 in terms of taste, texture and quality.

This product is best suited for users seeking a moderately high nicotine content with average moisture.