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Al Capone - Filter Flame Pockets (Pack Of 10 Cigars)

Al Capone: Filter Flame Pockets (Pack Of 10 Cigars)

£5.77 inc. VAT
Smoking Length: Approx 7 Minutes.
Pack Of: 10
Flavour: Mild
The Al Capone Filter Flame Pockets are mild, sweet Cognac flavoured filtered cigarillos. The foil pack guarantees their freshness and enjoyment straight out of the pack. These cigars have been popular on the continent for some time now and have seen the same reception upon their UK release as many cigar smokers had been eagerly awaiting their arrival.

Ambasciator Italico: Tradizionale (Pack Of 5 Cigars)

£29.95 inc. VAT

5x Ambasciator Italico Tradizionale. From a careful selection of the best Kentucky tobacco leaves, the “AMBASCIATOR ITALICO” cigar is born, the full expression of Italian style, combined with a love for all things done well.

These cigars are aged for a minimum of 9 months.


STYLE: Tradizionale

Backwoods: Authentic (Pack Of 5 Cigars)

Backwoods: Authentic (Pack Of 5 Cigars)

£15.75 inc. VAT

5x Backwoods AUTHENTIC flavour authentic cigars.

Years ago when a man wanted a good cigar, he’d roll his own. These cigars didn’t look that refined, but they sure tasted and smelled good. Now you can enjoy the same kind of smoke with Backwoods.


STYLE: Cigarillos

Signature: Blue (Pack Of 10 Cigars) [Formerly Cafe Creme]

£6.36 inc. VAT

10x Signature (Formerly Cafe Creme) is one of the best known and most loved mini cigar brands in the U.K. Signature blue brings you a lighter, easy going mini over the Original Blend. In a handy tin of 10 for extra protection when out and about.

ORIGIN: Holland

STYLE: Mini Cigarillos

Henri Wintermans: Half Corona (Pack Of 5 Cigars)

£11.82 inc. VAT

5x Henri Winterman Half Coronas

Henri Winterman are one of the most popular and recognisable brands in the U.K market. The Half Corona size offers a bit more than minis, a thicker ring gauge allowing a more fulfilling taste experience.

ORIGIN: Holland

STYLE: Half Coronas

Montecristo: Puritos (Pack Of 5 Cigars)

£10.14 inc. VAT

5x Montecristo Puritos are made with 100% pure Havana Tobacco. Machine rolled with short filler tobacco from the same plants that Montecristo use to make there Hand-Rolled Havanas. Taller than the Minis & Clubs, the Purito allows a smooth and easy draw.


STYLE: Puritos