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Around The World In 80 Cigars - By Nick HammondOut of stock

Around The World In 80 Cigars – By Nick Hammond

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‘A colourful description of travel in some of the world’s most testing and beautiful places’

-The Earl of Carnarvon

This is no ordinary cigar book. It’s unlike any travelogue you’ve ever read. And it’s guaranteed to make you laugh.

Join esteemed writer Nick Hammond on a whistle stop journey of discovery – from the steaming rain forests of Borneo to the scorched plains of Africa – trailed by a fragrant waft of cigar smoke.

Funny, thought-provoking, colourful and compelling, Around The World In 80 Cigars is the perfect read for anyone who enjoys the finer things in life; great food, stunning drinks, exotic places, amazing people. This book is your first-class ticket; your bound for destinations unknown.

Celebrating Cigars: A Book By Anwer Batti (Cover)

Celebrating Cigars: A Book By Anwer Bati

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Celebrating Cigars: A Book illustrates more sizes of fine cigar, life size, than any other. Also, it has more superb colour photographs of state-of-the-art cigar accessories such as humidors and cutters.

An entertaining read, with absorbing tales of connoisseurs and their favourite smokes. Anwer Bati, best-selling writer on cigars, takes you through the history of cigars. Then, see how cigars are made. Next you will be shown in detail, brand by brand, all the world’s greatest hand-made cigars. This includes those from Cuba and elsewhere.

The book continues with a fascinating miscellany of cigar information. From experts’ lists of best cigars for different types of days, to the author’s practical tips on how to smoke.

Next it features the most beautiful contemporary cigar accessories and box decorations. Afterwards, for the closing, the perfect accompaniment to your end-of-evening cigar. Colourful anecdotes about Cigar People from Mark Twain to Edward Elgar, and many others, all of whom have something witty and revealing to say about one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Cigaragua - by Marcel Langedijk & Jesaja Hizkia

Cigaragua – by Marcel Langedijk & Jesaja Hizkia

£29.95 inc. VAT

Cuba has the reputation but Nicaragua has the cigars. Experts know that Nicaragua’s advance as cigar country has been unstoppable for years. The Central American country has a fabulous climate and most importantly the right people to make great cigars.

Habano The KingOut of stock

Habano The King – by Adriano Martinez Rius

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Adriano Martinez Rius earned a degree in Economics at the University of Prague in 1966. For the last 15 years he has been adviser to the President of Cubatabaco until his retirement in August, 1998.

Partagas: The Book (Cover)Out of stock

Partagas: The Book | El Libro By Amir Saarony & Friends

£65.95 inc. VAT

An unparalleled look at the history of an icon, Partagas El Libro is a culmination of efforts from many of the world’s leading experts on the Cuban cigar and Cuban history.

Over 270 pages of information and never before published images from the National Archives of Cuba, the archives of Partagas, the Tobacco Museum in Havana and private and public collections around the world. A must have for anyone interested in cigars and Cuba of the past.

  • Learn about Jamie Partagas’ conviction for selling counterfeit cigars.
  • See rare and unusual packaging and advertising from throughout the ages.
  • Learn about the cigar industry in 19th century Havana.
Scandinavian Pipemakers By Jan Andersson (Introduced By Rick Newcombe)Out of stock

Scandinavian Pipemakers By Jan Andersson (Introduced By Rick Newcombe)

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A long and storied history with pipes and tobacco has seen Denmark produce some of the biggest names in the industry. Subsequently Denmark is well known to this day for it’s thriving community of pipe smokers. Within these pages your will hear in great detail about 50+ of these Scandinavian manufacturers. All along the way you will find out interesting facts about the processes involved in making pipes. This book is a labour of love by Jan Andersson and as a result each page exudes his passion. In turn any pipe connoisseur will find it hard to put down, much like their beloved pipes. The book spends a lot of its focus on the creators, with many colourful portraits written by Andersson. Not to mention the pipes they so lovingly create.

The Pipe A Functioning Work Of Art By Ehrhorn HummerstonOut of stock

The Pipe A Functioning Work Of Art By Ehrhorn Hummerston

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Pipe smokers enjoy having the privilege of having a personal tool: their pipe. For some, it is an extension of themselves and they go through great efforts to find the perfect pipe in terms of smoking experience and aesthetics. To other more prosaic-minded people, it is merely a tool for tobacco consumption.

This book investigates the properties of pipes in general and the most prised of them all: the briar pipe. What differentiates a good pipe from a mediocre pipe?  Furthermore, this book portrays some of the Danish pipe masters who produce the Stradivariuses of pipes. Their craftsmanship and love for pipes jumps off the pages and the images will entice even non-smokers to acquire a pipe of their own. Pipe masters are truly producing functional works of art.

The World Of The Habano CoverOut of stock

The World Of The Habano Book

£25.00 inc. VAT

Published by Cuba’s Tobacco Research Institute, “The World of the Habano” is a 190-page book, packed with pictures, notes and diagrams.

It reveals how Habanos are made from seeds to finished boxes.

It contains biographies of all 27 brands and includes an easy guide to all their shapes and sizes.

Limited Editions, Gran Reservas, Reservas and other special productions are explained and there are chapters on keeping, ageing and tasting cigars. It also has information about the Festival del Habano and where to smoke around the world.

It comes with a ring gauge guide and a CD ROM that includes the complete contents of the book. It comes with a unique size guide and a quiz. Truly a gift for the connoisseur.

We Shall Call Them Cohiba Book (Cover)Out of stock

We Shall Call Them Cohiba: A Legendary Pleasure By Adargelio Garrido de la Grana

£34.00 inc. VAT

A phrase repeated with conviction. The very essence of the exacting standards of Celia Sanchez. She herself transformed the word Cohiba into the worlds most coveted Habano brand. Designed for the most demanding of aficionados and connoisseurs alike.

Adargelio Garrido de la Grana tells the story of a unique product. Through a chance smoking by Fidel Castro, it has become a status symbol and a source of pride. As a result it is the go to for those savouring exceptional quality.

We shall call them Cohiba, a phrase by Celia which gave name to the best known of today’s Habanos brands, is the title of this work. Rich in anecdotes and hitherto unpublished details. The daily mission of the author is to protect and defend the brand from any devised attempts at piracy and counterfeiting. This is not only through legal means, but through action, arguments and demonstrative proof of the products authentic Cubanness.