McChrystals: Vintage Velvet Snuff – Large – (8.75g Tin)

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Great for those looking for a Floral blend, because of its delicate, iconic violet scent. Not too sweet.


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McChrystals Vintage Velvet Snuff

McChrystals Vintage Velvet. Great for those looking for a Floral blend. Because of its delicate, iconic violet scent this snuff has gained many fans. Not too sweet.

McChrystals, founded in 1926 by Irish immigrant Denis McChrystal. As an employee at a wholesale tobacconists he took note of the popularity of snuff, eventually deciding to turn his hand to blending his own recipes. From these humble beginnings in his garden shed, Denis would go on to create one of the most beloved snuff brands in Britain. The business is family owned to this day. They continue his legacy with a catalogue of great snuffs.

Gourmand snuff is the term for snuffs that are flavoured with the essences of foods, drinks and desserts. Some examples would be fruits, alcohol, chocolate, mint, spices, although the options are endless.

By the 18th century snuff tobacco use was widespread through all sections of society. Rich and poor, male and female, snuff was an everyday part of British culture. Many prominent figures were snuff fanatics such as George IV, Charles Darwin and Napoleon along with modern celebrities such as science fiction author Philip K. Dick, actor Sean Bean and comedian Stephen Fry.

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Weight 30 g
Dimensions 55 × 25 × 55 mm

Once opened the snuffs should be kept in the tightly closed brand container and stored in a refrigerator.

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Not available for USA

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Not for sale to under 18s

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