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McChrystals: X-mas Snuff (8.75g Tin)Out of stock

McChrystals: X-mas Snuff (8.75g Tin)

£2.18 inc. VAT

The Original blend. Certainly the perfect menthol experience with a recipe unchanged for over 80 years. One of our favourites and a best seller. A finely ground, slightly moist snuff perfect for everyday. A refreshing and enjoyable, perfectly rounded menthol experience with charm.

McChrystals Assorted Flavours Snuff 250gOut of stock

McChrystals: Assorted Flavours Snuff (12 Tap Weighing 8.75g)

£27.60 inc. VAT

12x 8.75g Assorted Flavours of Mc Chrystals Snuff.

Possible flavours:

  • Aztec (Chocolate)
  • Glacier (Peppermint)
  • Sunset (Apricot & Marzipan)
  • Summer Harvest (Raspberry & Summer Fruits)
  • Sicilian Burst (Sweet Lemon)
  • Warm Glow (Cinnamon & Menthol)
  • Fine Keg (Hops, Citrus & Pine)
  • Vintage Velvet (Floral)
  • Mulled Magic (Mulled Spices)
  • Highland Ice (Cool Mint)
  • Mc Chrystals Original