Cigar Aficionado – 2017 July/August – Maggie Siff

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In this issue:

Top new U.S golf courses.

Soaring prices in Cuba.

80 cigars rated.

Jim Rome speaks his mind.

Mercedes European excellence.

Maggie Siff: Star of Showtime’s Billions.

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Maggie Siff plays some of the toughest and smartest characters on television. Read all about her career playing powerful women, from Mad Men to Sons of Anarchy to her current television series Billions, in the August Cigar Aficionado. Plus, we explore the top new golf courses in the United States, sit down with sportscaster Jim Rome, and take a look at Cuba’s tourist boom and its resulting exorbitant price increases. Also, we rate 80 premium cigars across six categories: Churchills, corona gordas, figurados, miscellaneous, petit coronas and robustos.

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