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Charatan: Black Flake | Pipe Tobacco (50g Tin)

£15.65 inc. VAT

This dark flake utilises Virginia and dark air cured Perique tobaccos to provide a full and balanced smoke. The prominent flavour notes are sweet tobacco and dried fruit. 50g.

*Charatan released Black Flake to fill the gap left by Dunhill discontinuing Dark Flake.

Strength: 3

Flavouring: 1.5

Taste: 4

Room Note: 3

Condor - Long Cut [Formerly Condor Flake] (50g Packet)

Condor – Long Cut [Formerly Condor Flake] | Pipe Tobacco (50g Packet)

£15.75 inc. VAT

Condor Flake is now known as Condor Long Cut. This dark straight Virginia flake is topped with a very distinct Lakeland essence. To clarify, for decades Condor has been a fixture in the market. In short this comforting medium-bodied and flavoured blend is a great choice for beginners and long time smokers alike. Above all Condor is synonymous with British pipe smoking culture. 50g.

Strength: 3.5

Flavouring: 3

Taste: 3.5

Room Note: 2.5

Erinmore Flake Tin Pipe Tobacco

Erinmore – Flake Pipe Tobacco (50g Tin)

£16.33 inc. VAT

One of the great tobaccos, world famous for it’s depth of character and fruitiness. Erinmore was the first pipe tobacco made entirely of British Empire grown tobacco. The flake consists of ripe, orange Virginia leaf tobaccos, a touch of mild Burley and sweet Black Cavendish. The Flake is an easy, but slow burning flake as it has high a moisture level. The leaf tobacco blend and the addition of the unique Erinmore flavour provide a mellow smoke. 50g.

Strength: 2.5
Flavouring: 3
Taste: 2.5
Room Note: 2