Cigar Journal: 2019 Autumn Edition [Fred Vandermarliere]

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In this issue:

One day in the life of Henry Lopez.

Blind tasting 60 cigars.

Cigars in Vienna.

Cigar knowledge. Davidoff’s star system.

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Cigar Journal: 2019 Autumn Edition [Fred Vandermarliere]

As well as numerous news items about new launches, and events all around the globe, our writers offer up a concentrated charge of firsthand impressions from the cigar world, and in-depth information also in our new issue.

For the Coverstory our editor in chief visited Frederik Vandermarliere in Brussels. He is CEO of J. Cortes and, for the past three years, owner of the traditional brand Oliva Cigars.

Smoky Spirits
Cover Story: Fred Vandermarliere
Blind Tasting: 60 Blind-Tasted Cigars
One Day in the Life of … Henry Lopez
Crossover Tasting – Rum & Cigars: Magic Taste of the Origin
Destination Vienna: Cigars in Vienna
De Los Reyes Cigars: We’re Picky!
Collectors’ Passion: Edición Limitada Habanos S.A.
Art Garcia: A Latin/European Passion
Cigar & History Cigar Box Guitar
Interview: Gercia Quiñones
Destination Azerbaijan: The Land of Fire
The Next Generation: Alec & Bradley Rubin of Alec Bradley Cigars
Cigar & Society: Not a Question of Age
Bars & Cigars: The Bar Scene in Lisbon
Cigar Knowledge: Davidoff’s Star System
Cigar Friendly: The Metropolitan Society
JRE Cigars: A Honduran Original
Vegafina 1998: The Brand’s Most Premium Line
Cigar Secrets: Behind Closed Doors
Most Memorable Cigar: Cien Años Corona, Manuel Inoa

All this and much more. In conclusion don’t miss out on the Cigar Journal: 2019 Autumn Edition [Fred Vandermarliere] issue!

For over 20 years, Cigar Journal has been dedicated to covering all angles of the cigar world. The publication is proud to bring together the global community of cigar smokers.

Firstly, our international writers and industry insiders offer up-close impressions. From the unique and complex world of cigars, travel to cigar-producing countries. In addition we interview industry players. From tobacco farmers to rollers and cigar producers, we look at every angle. Above all we bring these valuable insights directly to you at home.

We look at the culture of cigar-producing countries. Profiles of humidor makers. Explanations of cigar science basics. Industry news. The cigar is such a multifaceted creation that Cigar Journal has little room for other lifestyle themes. Cigar Journal gives you everything you thought you wanted to know about cigars, and more.

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