Cigar Journal: 2016 Summer Edition [Mexico’s Casa Turrent]

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In this issue:

– Australian senator fighting the nanny state.

– Pairings. Wine/coffee and cigars.

– Jose Orlando Padron. Pioneer of Nica’s cigars.

Alejandro Turrent: The maker of Mexico’s best cigar. Cassa Turrent.

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.Cigar Journal: 2016 Summer Edition [Mexico’s Casa Turrent]

First we meet with Alejandro Turrent and his father. Together they guide us across the tobacco fields. After that we go through the barns, warehouses and manufacture process itself. Afterwards Sam Spurr meets Liberal Democrat Senator David Leyonhjelm. Together they discuss libertarian philosophy, the nanny state and cigars.

Also chief editor Reinhold Widmayer spoke with Jose Orlando Padron on his 90th birthday. Together they reminisce about the history of Nicaragua’s cigar industry. Finally we look into pairings, specifically cigars combined with wine and coffee. In conclusion don’t miss out on the Cigar Journal: 2016 Summer Edition [Mexico’s Casa Turrent] issue!

For over 20 years, Cigar Journal has been dedicated to covering all angles of the cigar world. The publication is proud to bring together the global community of cigar smokers.

Firstly, our international writers and industry insiders offer up-close impressions. From the unique and complex world of cigars, travel to cigar-producing countries. In addition we interview industry players. From tobacco farmers to rollers and cigar producers, we look at every angle. Above all we bring these valuable insights directly to you at home.

We look at the culture of cigar-producing countries. Profiles of humidor makers. Explanations of cigar science basics. Industry news. The cigar is such a multifaceted creation that Cigar Journal has little room for other lifestyle themes. Cigar Journal gives you everything you thought you wanted to know about cigars, and more.

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