The La Aurora Story

Founded in the Dominican Republic by Eduardo Leon Gimenez in 1903, La Aurora started out from humble beginnings. Dealing with dirt roads and donkeys for tobacco transportation, Gimenez had limited potential for expansion. Subsequent civil unrest in the 1920’s and 1930’s followed by three decades of rule at the hands of dictator Rafael Trujillo prevented La Aurora cigars from leaving the Dominican Republic. Not until the 1960’s and the assassination of Trujillo would the company have the chance to make ties with the Philip Morris company who would take them forward to global recognition. In recent years the company have released great cigars such as the ‘A.D.N’ a homage to centuries old Dominican tobacco farming practices, incorporating ageing the tobacco leaves in the husks of palm trees, a technique used by the indigenous people that gives the cigar a flavour profile of its own.

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La Aurora - ADN Robusto (Single Loose Cigar)Out of stock

La Aurora: ADN | Robusto (Single Loose Cigar)

£22.40 inc. VAT

VITOLA: Robusto


LENGTH: 5 Inches – 127 mm

ORIGIN: Dominican Republic

A Dominican cigar harkening back to the traditions of the original inhabitants who would transport tobacco leaves in the husk of the palm tree. From this process the tobacco ends up with a particular unique taste.

Leon Jimenez - Prestige Assortment BoxOut of stock

La Aurora: Leon Jimenez | Prestige Assortment Box [DISCONTINUED]

£29.99 inc. VAT

La Aurora introduces Leon Jimenez Prestige, a cigar specifically made for people who want a sophisticated smoking experience. Its black tube adds a distinguished touch and all presentations are designed for the refined taste of today’s smokers.

Tasting Notes:

A complex smoke with a hint of nuts and delicate notes of coffee at the end. Intense flavour and very pleasant aroma.