Turkish Meerschaum – Roll Up Holder #1

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1x Genuine Turkish Meerschaum roll up holder. Meerschaum is a porous sea foam that cools the smoke and absorbs nicotine. Hard to come by and usually favoured for pipe making, this cigarette holder is a unique item.

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Roll Up Holder #1 – Turkish Meerschaum

Meerschaum translates from German to English as ‘Sea Foam’. An incredibly effective material for pipes as its hard to burn out due to its heat absorbing qualities. It starts off it’s journey coming from the Black Sea. When it is wet it’s easy to carve making it a favourite for craftsman in Turkey to display intricate patterns. Over a period of time it absorbs the nicotine, changing colour from an ivory white to a brown speckled tortoise shell pattern. The meerschaum also vitrifies over this time period, becoming ever more durable.

Roll Up Holder #1 – Turkish Meerschaum

Turkish Meerschaum (Sepiolite) Blog

Meerschaum translates from German to English as ‘Sea Foam’. This term was employed as the material could sometimes be found afloat the Black Sea. This incredibly workable material, also known as sepiolite, was first given the name meerschaum in 1788 by Abraham Gottlob Werner. That being said, some of the earliest examples of meerschaum pipes date back to sixty years before. The material was (and still is) sought after for it’s highly porous and easy to carve nature. Meerschaum has become synonymous with Turkish pipe makers. The skills used to apply such detail to these pipes has made them world renowned, and quite rightly so. To read more click here.

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Weight 40 g
Dimensions 120 × 30 × 27 mm


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