Pueblo: Blue – Hand Rolling Tobacco (30g Packet)

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Pueblo Blue, 100% Additive-free natural roll your own tobacco. 30g.

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Pueblo: Blue – Hand Rolling Tobacco (30g Packet)

PUEBLO is a traditional blend of American Virginia tobaccos, grown under completely natural conditions by American Indians. Like all tobacco, this high quality blend contains natural nicotine. However, the use of chemical fertilisers or pesticides is not permitted during the growing and harvesting of our tobacco leaf. This philosophy is maintained during the manufacturing process. No moisture retainers, preservatives or other chemicals are added to PUEBLO fine cut tobacco. PUEBLO fine cut  only uses the best natural tobacco. PUEBLO is also available in it’s original format Pueblo: Classic, this is perfect for those looking for a slightly stronger experience.

Remember to keep your tobacco tightly sealed when it is not being used. The lack of preservatives means that over exposure to the elements could leave your tobacco dry. Another tip to prevent the tobacco turning to shrapnel is to remove from your main packet a portion you plan to use for that day. By not repeatedly fingering the tobacco you will prevent the build up of dross. Other products such as our small humidifier work wonders for keeping your tobacco at it’s optimum. Sold in 30 gram portions.

Pueblo: Blue – Hand Rolling Tobacco (30g Packet)

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