Cigar Aficionado: 2018 March/April [Joe Manganiello]

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Going for green – Who will win the masters?

80 cigars rated.

Winning big with small casino games.

12 fastest cars money can buy.

Wild for Irish whisky.

Joe Manganiello. Rising star.

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Cigar Aficionado: 2018 March/April [Joe Manganiello]

Joe Manganiello. At six-foot-five and hard as a rock he may seem built to play tough guys. An artistic side and a comedic flair has shown he is not so one dimensional. Not to mention his love of great cigars. In this issue we sit down with the actor to discuss his dreams of succeeding on the other side of the camera. Plus, we rate the top 10 best prospects for the 2018 Masters. Take a look at the 12 fastest cars money can buy. We survey the highest-rated cigars of 2017, and tell you why we’re wild for Irish whiskey. Also, our panel of editors rated 80 cigars in six sizes: Churchill, corona, corona gorda, figurado, miscellaneous and robusto. Don’t miss out on the Cigar Aficionado: 2018 March/April [Joe Manganiello] issue!

Cigar Aficionado was first published in September 1992 by Marvin R Shanken. He had already seen success with other publications such as Wine Spectator, which had already had a successful run since 1976. Shanken’s vision for the magazine was to have high profile celebrities and athletes on the cover to draw in the consumers. This worked to great effect. Cigar Aficionado has had many notable persons such as Jack Nicholson, Arnold Shwarzenegger and Michael Jordan to name a few. The contents of the publication would focus on cigar culture primarily, that being said other luxury items and news would appear throughout. Being an American magazine it would often comment on its opposition to the Cuban Embargo.

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