Cigar Aficionado: 2012 November/December [Ernie Els]

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In this issue:

Holiday gifts for cigar lovers.

Online Poker: Game over?

75 cigars rated.

Best luxury watches.

Cuban missile crisis: 50 years later.

The comeback of Ernie Els.

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Cigar Aficionado: 2012 November/December [Ernie Els]

In this issue we talk with British Open Champion Ernie Els about life on the links. Also, we discuss his life far beyond the golf tour. Also, a look back at the dangerous days of the Cuban missile crisis. How tournament poker is picking up pace as well as our extensive travel guide. Plus, an interview with La Palina brand owner Bill Paley.Not to mention our annual holiday gift guide of cigar gear and ratings for 75 smokes. Don’t miss out on the Cigar Aficionado: 2012 November/December [Ernie Els] issue!

Cigar Aficionado was first published in September 1992 by Marvin R Shanken. He had already seen success with other publications such as Wine Spectator, which had already had a successful run since 1976. Shanken’s vision for the magazine was to have high profile celebrities and athletes on the cover to draw in the consumers. This worked to great effect. Cigar Aficionado has had many notable persons such as Jack Nicholson, Arnold Shwarzenegger and Michael Jordan to name a few. The contents of the publication would focus on cigar culture primarily, that being said other luxury items and news would appear throughout. Being an American magazine it would often comment on its opposition to the Cuban Embargo.

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