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Chacom – CorneX No.391 Smooth Bulldog Pipe

£115.00 inc. VAT

Weight: 32g

Length: 130mm

Bowl Width: 20mm

Bowl Depth: 30mm

The CorneX No.391 by Chacom is a smooth bulldog with a beautiful grain. The bowl comes untreated.The highly polished finish catches the light making this pipe stand out from afar.

Chacom – Craquele Ceramic Triple Pipe Holder & Ashtray

£27.85 inc. VAT

A stylish ceramic pipe holder and ashtray by Chacom of France. Designed to hold three pipes, it has an ashtray with cork attatched for tapping your pipe against to empty the bowl without damaging it. This is a great addition to any pipe enthusiasts collection.

Chacom – Grand Cru Rustic Noir Pipe

£164.00 inc. VAT

Weight: 59g

Length: 140mm

Bowl Width: 22mm

Bowl Depth: 38mm

The Grand Cru Rustic Noir by Chacom is a heavily sandblasted straight pipe with a short stem. The heavy sandblasting means the pipe will stay cool for longer as the surface space is greater. It feels delightful to hold and grip.