The Comoy’s Of London Story

Fracois Comoy and his brothers hailed from a small monastic town in eastern France. Originally working with box wood and beach, one son Louis found out about briar and it’s potential for being the best pipe making material.

In 1879 Francois’ son Henri moved to London with a small bag of tools. Setting up in todays Cambridge Circus he was pinical in the perpetuation of Briar Pipes and is credited with coining the appellation “London Made”.

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Comoy’s of London – Cornish Mixture Pipe Tobacco (50g Tin)

£14.58 inc. VAT

An unusual aromatic with a unique spicy sweet flavour, hints of clove, cinnamon, cocoa, citris and forest fruits. Composed of Burley, Virginia and a good dose of Canendish to soak up the toppings. Medium strength with an intense taste. 50g.

Strength: 3
Flavoring: 4
Taste: 3
Room Note: 3

Comoy’s of London – Irish Mixture Pipe Tobacco (50g Tin)

£14.58 inc. VAT

Burley and Virginia composition topped with an Irish Whiskey for a rounded, peaty aftertaste. Described as an English version of Peterson’s Irish Whiskey but, of superiour quality and flavour this is a vintage Gaelic blend. Ribbon Cut and perfectly aged. 50g.

Strength: 2
Flavoring: 2
Taste: 2
Room Note: 2