Flake pipe tobacco is a popular old traditional cut of pipe tobacco. Cut from large pressed cubes of tobacco, flakes retain a much more deep flavour than most shag cuts. To prepare flake for use most people rub it down to a more favourable consistency whilst others choose to smoke it as is, just rolled and placed in the chamber.


Plug is a form of pipe tobacco utilising full tobacco leaves that are pressed and then aged. The result is a brick of tobacco, highly condensed that requires slicing before smoking.

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Dark Unscented Flake Loose Pipe Tobacco

Gawith Hoggarth: Dark Flake Unscented [Cob Flake] – Loose Pipe Tobacco (50g Portion)

£15.82 inc. VAT

Seriously strong, but very cool smoke achieved by the combining in equal proportions, only Malawi Dark Fired Leaf and Indian dark air-cured leaf. No additional flavours or topping is added. You can smell in this tobacco the Smokey flavour of the Dark Fired leaf derived from its curing process of being hung above smoky fires, and the sweeter, yet still strong ‘cigar type’ flavour of the dark-air-cured Indian leaf. Not for beginners but i rewarding experience for more advanced pipe enthusiasts. 50g.

Strength: 4
Flavouring: 0
Taste: 4
Room Note: 4