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Sir Walter Scott’s – Anson’s Imperial Snuff (15g Tap Tin)

£8.00 inc. VAT

A finely milled, slightly moist blend of fermented Burley, Bright Leaf Virginia and Zimbabwe tobaccos, matured with Creme de Cacso Blanc and cased with an extract of crushed apricot kernels to create a luxurious, silky, high nicotine snuff.

Named after Admiral of the Fleet Lord George Anson, who in 1759 was the first person to successfully grow apricots in Britain at Moor Park, his estate in Hertfordshire.

Sir Walter Scott’s – Golden Horn Snuff (15g Tap Tin)

£8.00 inc. VAT

A dry, lightly toasted, finely milled blend of Turkish Prilep leaf tobacco and beautiful, fragrant Basma from the tobacco fields of the Xanthi district in north western Greece. Named after the inlet of the Bosphorus River in Turkey, which forms the world’s largest natural harbour and during the Middle Ages, enabled the city of Constantinople, the modern Istanbul, to become the largest and wealthiest in Europe.

Sir Walter Scott’s – Lundy Foot Snuff (15g Tap Tin)

£8.00 inc. VAT

A finely milled, toasted, high nicotine blend of American Virginias and Indian Rustica tobaccos, named in memory of the famous 18th century Dublin snuff chandler and his employee, Michael Larey, the “Irish blackguard”, who inadvertently invented Scotch (scorched) snuff when he fell into a drunken stupor and allowed tobacco drying in a kiln to roast.

Sir Walter Scott’s – Moro Moro Snuff (15g Tap Tin)

£8.00 inc. VAT

A strong, moist demi-gros blend of Rustica, Burley and high nicotine Bright Leaf Virginia. Soft and velvety to the nose, it has been flavoured with bergamot, angelica and other herbs and spices, then cased with a liqueur made from the zest of bitter blood oranges – hence the name.

Sir Walter Scott's Auld Alliance SnuffOut Of Stock

Sir Walter Scott’s – Auld Alliance Snuff [15g Twist Tub]

£8.00 inc. VAT

Auld Alliance is a coarsely ground moist snuff made from a blend of Punjabi Rustica, American Burley and Bright Leaf Virginia leaf tobaccos. Vanilla pods are added during the fermenting and mauration process, to enhance the natural sweetness of the Virginias and create a rich high nicotine snuff.