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CHAINSAW - Cold Dry White Tobacco Chew BagsOut of stock

CHAINSAW: Cold Dry White | Chew Bags [18g]

£9.10 inc. VAT

Chainsaw Cold White Dry CB is a roaring experience of strength. Its has a highpowered tobacco and mouth-exploding mint flavor.

Type: White Dry Chewing Bags

Portions: 15

Weight: 18g

Nicotine: 45mg/g

General Cut Titanium - Classic _ Chew Bags [18g]Out of stock

General Cut Titanium: Classic | Chew Bags [18g]

£9.25 inc. VAT

An extra strong portion with a more powerful nicotine delivery. A distinct and spicy tobacco taste with notes of bergamot and hints of tea, hay and leather.

Type: Chew Bags

Portions: 18

Weight: 18g

Nicotine: 20mg/g

Goteborg - Rape White Large Chewing BagsOut of stock

Göteborgs Rapé: White Large Chew Bags [14g]

£8.85 inc. VAT

Göteborgs Rapé White Large has a mellow and spicy tobacco taste with distinct taste of lavender and juniper, along with hints of wood and citrus.

Type: Large white Chew Bags

Portions: 20

Weight: 14g

Oden's - Portion Cold 18g Chewing Tobacco PouchesOut of stock

Oden’s: Cold Portion | Chew Bags [18g]

£8.50 inc. VAT

A unique chewing tobacco blend with the flavour of clear and cooling real mint oils. Medium/Strong in nicotine content. These moistened bags have a rapid release of flavour and nicotine. Regular size.

Net weight: 18 g
Salt: 2.5 %
Nicotine level: 9 mg/g
Moisture: 50 %
Oden's - Pure Wintergreen Extreme White Dry Portion Chew BagsOut of stock

Oden’s: Pure Wintergreen Extreme White Dry Portion | Chew Bags [10g]

£8.19 inc. VAT

Odens Pure Wintergreen is a powerful but well rounded and flavorful chewing tobacco blend with a strong and cooling wintergreen flavour. An extremely strong nicotine experience coming in unmoistened chewing bags with a low moisture. Runs less than regular ‘White’ bags and keeps hold of it’s flavour for even longer.

Net weight: 10 g
Salt: 2.5 %
Nicotine level: 22 mg/g
Moisture: 25 %