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Henri Wintermans – Half Corona (Pack Of 5 Cigars)

£11.19 inc. VAT

5x Henri Winterman Half Coronas

Henri Winterman are one of the most popular and recognisable brands in the U.K market. The Half Corona size offers a bit more than minis, a thicker ring gauge allowing a more fulfilling taste experience.

ORIGIN: Holland

STYLE: Half Coronas

King Edward The Seventh – Imperial (Pack Of 5 Cigars)

£25.34 inc. VAT

5x King Edward The Seventh – Imperial

The distinguished King Edward cigar in a corona format. Mild and sweet, loved by many. This cigar has a long and established history in the U.K market and will continue to for many years to come.


STYLE: Coronas

Mehari’s – Red Orient (Pack Of 10 Cigars)

£8.09 inc. VAT

10x Mehari’s Red Orient Cigarillos, Manufactured by AGIO Cigars.

Mehari’s Red Orient, formerly Sweet Orient is a medium strength aromatic cigarillo. Popular throughout Europe.

ORIGIN: Holland

STYLE: Cigarillos