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Cohiba – Exquisitos (Single Loose Cigar)

£17.30 inc. VAT

VITOLA: Seoane
LENGTH: 5 inches – 125 mm

A cigar for the morning with plenty of taste to sharpen the palate. Favourite size of former El Laguito Director, Emilia Tamayo, the first woman ever to manage a Havana factory. Boasting creamy and smooth flavors with earthy undertones this cigar is a perfect accompaniment to a coffee.

Cohiba – Pirámide Extra Tubos (Single Tubed Cigar)

£54.90 inc. VAT

VITOLA: Pirámides Extra
LENGTH: 6¼ inches – 160 mm

The torpedo shaped Pirámide Extra is built to fit easily in the mouth, directing the strong, rich tobacco flavour onto the pallet of the smoker. In 2012 the Pirámide Extra became the first addition to the Línea Clásica since 1989. The vitola is unique to Cohiba and it is dressed in a new band incorporating special security features.

Cohiba – Robusto (Single Boxed Cigar)

£39.30 inc. VAT

VITOLA: Robusto
LENGTH: 4⅞ inches – 124 mm

The cigar that sparked the Robusto revolution from 1989 onwards and remains firmly in the vanguard of this important vitola. Rich, deep, spicy and not to be missed. By far one of the most sought after Cuban Cigars worldwide, a true Robusto worthy of it’s prestige.

Cohiba – Siglo II Tubos (Single Tubed Cigar)

£25.40 inc. VAT

VITOLA: Mareva
LENGTH: 5⅛ inches – 129 mm

This Mareva or Petit Corona size provides the ideal introduction to the taste, quality and style of Cohiba. Start here, then explore. Like the other Siglos this cigar is creamy, medium-bodied with a pleasant tobacco taste.

Cohiba – Siglo IV (Tubos) (Single Tubed Cigar)

£35.50 inc. VAT

VITOLA: Corona Gorda
LENGTH: 5⅝ inches – 143 mm

This cigar was introduced in November 1992 and introduced to the international market in 1994, commemorating the 500th anniversary of the arrival of Columbus to the New World. The extra girth of this Corona Gorda size allows the signature taste of La Línea 1492 (the Siglos) to show from the start and to develop richly on the palate. Sweet, creamy and medium bodied, it follows all the traditions of the Siglo line.

Cohiba – Talisman x1 Loose Cigar (2017 Limited Edition)

£80.00 inc. VAT

VITOLA: Talisman
LENGTH: 6 inches – 154 mm

A stellar smoking experience. A tour de force of flavour. The rare Limited Edition Cohiba Talisman 2017 is the stuff of legends. Extremely limited in supply, this is a once in a lifetime cigar that any connoisseurs must try.