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Around The World In 80 Cigars – By Nick Hammond [Book]

£19.99 inc. VAT

‘A colourful description of travel in some of the world’s most testing and beautiful places’

-The Earl of Carnarvon

This is no ordinary cigar book. It’s unlike any travelogue you’ve ever read. And it’s guaranteed to make you laugh.

Join esteemed writer Nick Hammond on a whistle stop journey of discovery – from the steaming rain forests of Borneo to the scorched plains of Africa – trailed by a fragrant waft of cigar smoke.

Funny, though-provoking, colourful and compelling, Around The World In 80 Cigars is the perfect read for anyone who enjoys the finer things in life; great food, stunning drinks, exotic places, amazing people. This book is your first-class ticket; your bound for destinations unknown.

Cigaragua – by Marcel Langedijk & Jesaja Hizkia [Book]

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Cuba has the reputation but Nicaragua has the cigars. Experts know that Nicaragua’s advance as cigar country has been unstoppable for years. The Central American country has a fabulous climate, fertile soil and – maybe most importantly – the right people to make great cigars. This book is not so much about cigars, but above all about – some – of the people who make them. Writer Marcel Langedijk and photographer Jesaja Hizkia immersed themselves in Esteli, Nicaragua, the cigar capital of the world and visited many legendary cigar makers. From classic companies like Padron and Joya de Nicaragua to the ridiculously cool Drew Estate and relative newcomers like Espinosa Cigars. A breathtaking account of the current cigar country.

Habano The King – by Adriano Martinez Rius [Book]

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Adriano Martinez Rius earned a degree in Economics from the Faculty of foreign trade of the University of Prague, Czech Republic in 1966. He did post graduate studies in Marketing and Sales at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland (1970) and at the UN International Trade Centre in Geneva (1972), and in Finance and Business Administration at the University of Havana (1984). For the last 15 years he has been adviser to the President of Cubatabaco and Habanos, S.A., until his professional retirement in August, 1998.

The Pipe (A Functioning Work Of Art) By Ehrhorn Hummerston [Book]

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Pipe smokers enjoy having the privilege of having a personal tool: their pipe. For some, it is an extension of themselves and they go through great efforts to find the perfect pipe in terms of smoking experience and aesthetics. To other more prosaic-minded people, it is merely a tool for tobacco consumption.

This book investigates the properties of pipes in general and the most prised of them all: the briar pipe. How is it made? What differentiates a good pipe from a mediocre pipe? And why are some people prepared to pay thousands of dollars for a pipe? Furthermore, this book portrays some of the Danish pipe masters who produce the Stradivariuses of pipes. Their craftsmanship and love for pipes jumps off the pages and the images will entice even non-smokers to acquire a pipe of their own. The process, from where the briar is dug up to the moment when a skilled master creates a beautiful pipe from the humble burl, is all portrayed. Pipe masters are truly producing functional works of art.