HistoryVintage tobacco tins.

Vintage tobacco tins spotted in one of the local wee shops here in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The Craven “A” Virginia Cigarettes, introduced in 1921 and sold in over 120 countries could be easily recognised by their cork tip. Enjoyed by Charles de Gaulle of France and Muhammad Ali Jinnah of Pakistan, Craven “A” were Included in the rations of British Soldiers during the Second World War increasing their international success.

The brand is easily recognisable, Craven’A were mentioned in various works including Christie’s “Death on the Nile” and “Dr. No” novel and were occasionally referenced in music.

The current brand owner, Rothmans has experienced “long-term declines in market share”, in part due to the elimination of all sponsorship activities in Canada in October 2003.

You can find two products from the Craven line in our store;
Craven Original (Formerly Craven Aromatic)

Craven Ready Rubbed

Does anyone else remember these vintage boxes or the Craven “A” brand itself? Please leave your comments below.

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